physiogel thailand

physiogel thailand
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Let Physiogel help to find the right product for your skin type with the Physiogel product selector. You can find Physiogel at and MoryaNaresuan pharmacy at THAILAND (rangsit/BKK)

If you saw the Physiogel display in your pharmacy you might walk past it, not realising that this truly is an affordable, magical skin cream that’s perfect for everyone. It’s because the packaging isn’t screaming at you that it will take fifteen years off your face, or replace your skin with a fine mesh of diamonds. There is no marketing garbage making extreme, impossible claims. It’s not exciting. But that’s exactly why it’s exactly what a lot of people need.
To be specific, I’m prepared to put it out there that this is the ultimate freelance makeup artist product. It’s not a glamorous tube that you can whip out of your kit and wow your client with, like the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, but it’s also not over NZ$100 per tub.
There are 2 product lines: the Daily Moisture Therapy cream, lotion and Cleanser for dry, sensitive skin; and Ai cream for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Physiogel have a handy tool for finding out which specific products are right for you, but it’s safe to say that these products will be beneficial to everyone.
These have no fragrance. They have no dyes. No alcohol, no preservatives, no silicones that have been put in to make it feel like your skin is smooth. (That shit just washes off – it doesn’t do anything for your skin.) Like I said, they’re not glamorous.
Instead they contain glycerin, which is a humectant, meaning it attracts water. Combined with the emollient oils in all the lotions and creams, glycerin a really effective moisturiser. Physiogel’s BioMimic Technology means the moisturiser’s structure strongly resembles the skin’s natural lipid barrier. This makes it very effective at hydrating and healing the skin, and is very unlikely to cause irritation. Needless to say, these products are hypoallergenic, safe, and even recommended for people suffering dermatitis or eczema.
It’s highly, highly unlikely that you’ll put this on anyone’s skin and cause a reaction. (Of course, you should always check the ingredients and pay attention to your skin.) I’ve got sensitive skin that tends towards oiliness, but none of these products are too heavy for my skin. I’ve tested both product lines under makeup and they work a treat – I’d go so far as to say they improve the wear of my makeup. Why? Because they provide an even, effective hydrating base that keeps the skin plump, soft and free from dryness and irritation. They’re alcohol free, so there’s no evaporation throughout the day that leads to the skin looking drier and sadder than ever.
As well as slathering these all over my boyfriend’s dry-as-a-desert face, I’ll be toting them to work with me in a couple of weeks. I’ve been roped in to doing everyone’s makeup for our red carpet themed Christmas party, and I’m relaxed about the base at least, knowing that Physiogel will work for everyone.
Let Physiogel help to find the right product for your skin type with the Physiogel product selector.
You can find Physiogel at and MoryaNaresuan pharmacy at THAILAND (rangsit/BKK)
Physiogel Cream 75ml, 449.- B
Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion 200ml, 690.-B
Physiogel Daily Cleanser wash 150ml, 249.-B
Physiogel Ai Cream 50ml, 799.- B